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Notification Emailer

Notification emailer

Now notify your customers by sending email at changing of their subscriptions status.

Notification Emailer app is used to notify users about their subscriptions using change in status, pre-expiration, post-exipration and post-activation emails.
Solutions to below mentioned questions?
Q1. How to setup Notification Emailer App?
Q2. Can Admin send Notification Email on change in status, Pre Expiry , Post Expiry and Post Activation of Subscriptions?
Q3. What if Admin wants to send different emails on different plans. Should admin able to send plenty of emails on same status ie 2-3 pre expiration emails?
Steps to setup Notification Emailer:-
Notification Emailer App is provided in core kit, not needed to install from App Store.
Create app instance, see :- How To Create App Instance

  • When to email :- Payplans provides full flexibility to admin to send emails on different events like On Change in Status, On Pre Expiration, On Post Expiration, On Post Activation.[/li]
  1. On Change in Status - Email need to be send when Subscription / Invoice Status is changed. On which status, email need to be send can be set through option “When new status is”.[/li]

Email : On change status

  1. On Post Activation :- This options sends notification after user's subscription gets activated. Best way to introduce your user about your documentation, forum , policy, where to contact etc. Overall to make your user aware about your company.

![](http://img.readybytes.net/docs/payplans/notification-emailer/post-activation-email.png" alt="Email On post Activation)

Email : On post Activation

  1. On Pre Expiration :- If you want to send notification before subscription gets expired then select this option. If you have recurring plans then you have an option to send emails on every recurring cycle or only on last recurring cycle. Set Last Recurring cycle to yes / no.

Email : On pre expiration

  1. On Post Expiration :- This options sends notification after user's subscription gets expired. You can set time to send this email in hours, day, months , year.

Email : On post expiration

  1. On Cart Abandonment :- This option sends notification when user’s subscription is in No-Status. You can set time to send this email in hours, day, months , year.

Email : On cart abandonment

  • When new status is :- On which status mail need to be send ie when Subscription is in (Active, Hold, Expired) status or Invoice (Checkout, Paid, Refunded).

When new status is

  • Email CC / BCC :- You can send mails to more related persons using cc and bcc options.

  • Subject :- Subject mention to differentiate notification mails.


  • Add an attachment :- You can select the attachment that you want to send through "Add an attachment" option. For adding an attachment with the e-mail,place all attachments in Root/media/payplans/app/email folder. You can select the attachment that you want to send through "Add an attachment" option.

  • Send invoice as attachment :- If you want to send invoice in pdf format as attachment then set it to yes. Before using this option you need to install and enable Pdf invoice plugin.

  • Choose Template :- If you want to write your own content then select custom content or you can select from predefined templates also.

Choose Template

  • Email Format :- If you want to send email in beautiful templates then send email format to html. You can create your email templates.

  • Content :- You can add article , images or your custom text in this content area. You can also use html editor to write html content.

  • Token Rewritter :- You can use tokens to rewrite or add dynamic content for mails. Tokens for following entries are available Configuration, Plan, Subscriptions, order, payment , invoice, transaction and user.


Notification Emailer App Instances :- Different emails instances according to different status.

instances of notification emailer app

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