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Multilingual Site

Multilingual Site

Make your site multilingual

If you want to show your site in different language then follow below mention steps :-

  1. First of all, you should download the language pack which you wish to install till Joomla 2.5. Once you have downloaded the language pack, you can install it from your Joomla admin area -> Extensions -> Install/Uninstall.

  2. In Joomla 3 its directly downloadable from backend.

  3. Then you can set the newly-installed language as your Joomla's default from Extensions ] Language Manager. Once there, simply check the box next to it and then click the Default button located at the top-right Joomla menu.

  4. Now paste the xx-XX.com_payplans.ini language file for site and admin in your respective language folder.

To show plans in different language

By using Joomla 2.5 multilingual feature -
  1. Enable groups in PayPlans configuration first
  2. You need to create 2 payplans-groups for each langauge.
  3. Create all plans in First (eg- English) in group-1 and in second language (eg - Spanish) in group-2
  4. In menu, create 2 menus, 1 for English-group and set language as English. Do same steps for Spanish language
By Using Joom-Fish
  1. You need to install Joomfish elements

  2. lease download from Joomfish plan description

  3. Download attached File and replace with the name of payplans_plan.xml

By Using Falang Component
  1. Rename the name from payplans_plan_falang.xml to payplans_plan.xml (Name of xml must be same as of table name [table name="payplans_plan"])

  2. Refer below attachment for get the PayPlans Plan xml and PayPlans App xml file

  3. Refer this doc to set it up -

Falang Installation
- Cross check that you have installed language pack and set content in language manager.
- Enable falang module (set drop down to no and use flag)
- enable falang plaugin
- enable "System - Language Filter"
- Cross check that menu is different for home of eng + french

Ordering of System - FaLang Database Driver plugin should be higher then System-PayPlans.

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