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Modules In Payplans Pages

Modules in payplans pages

PayPlans render various module position on different pages, learn how you can display modules.

__1.Top and Bottom Position__

PayPlans provide positions to render modules at top and bottom of the every page.To use these positions you have to follow these rules:




__Imp__: {view} needs to be replaced with current view variable

{task} needs to be replaced with current task variable




How to Use these Positions ?

__Example of Administrator__

Step 1. Go to module manager and select module to edit position.

Step 2. Set the position and set status to published.

Set the position and set status to published

Step 3. This module show on plan page at top position.

Module on plan page at top position

Applying above process you can render modules at different pages on their top and bottom positions.
How To Use These Position ?Example of Frontend
Step 1. Set the position and set status to published of module.

Set the position and set status to published

Step 2. This module show on the right side of dashboard.

Module show on the right side of dashboard

__2.Other Positions__

Payplans also have some position in frontend as well as in backend where you can render your modules at these positions.you can type the position (eg. plan-select-top) in position select Box.

__These are the positions that are used for rendering modules at different position in payplans.__

1. Dashboard Screen

- payplans-admin-dashboard-userinfo


2. Configuration screen
- payplans-admin-config-checklist

  • payplans-admin-config-importdata



  • payplans-admin-plan-edit-parentchild


4.Invoice Screen

  • payplans_invoice_edit_modifier


5.Subscription Screen

  • pp-subscription-details


6.User Screen

  • pp-user-details



1. Plan selection page

  • payplans-plan-select-top

  • payplans-plan-select-bottom

  • plan-block-bottom_{id}

Imp: Replace {id} id with the plan id

Position on plan subscribe page

2.Invoice-Confirm Screen

  • pp_plan_login_registration_position

Position on Invoice Confirm Screen-pp_plan_login_registration_position

3.Invoice-Confirm Screen

  • pp-subscription-details

  • pp-user-details

  • default

  • pp-registration-details

  • pp-invoice-thanks-action

  • payplans_order_confirm_payment

  • order-confirm-footer

Invoice-Confirm Screen

4. My Dashboard Screen

  • payplans-dashboard-right

  • payplans-dashboard-footer

My Dashboard Screen

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