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Micro Subscriptions

Micro Subscriptions

Micro-subscription allows you to create minutes based and hours based membership plans.
Micro Subscription allows you to make plans of little time span so you can make such a small plan of few hours or minutes. "PayPlans" is the only membership software who is going to provide micro subscriptions plans flexibility.

If you want to make a little plan to give a trial to user, with PayPlans micro-subscription it is possible. So user now needs to only pay for few hours not for the whole time span of real plan.
If you want to make plan like 2 hours 10 minutes then it is possible with PayPlans micro subscription.

To use micro-subscription functionality follow these steps

Step 1.Go to PayPlans -> Configuration -> Settings -> Advance -> Enable Micro-subscription - Yes.

Step 2.After enabling micro-subscription go to PayPlans -> Configuration -> Settings -> Expert. Now set- Cron Frequency-Normal/High, Set run automatic cron - Yes. Now save it.

Cron Frequencies when micro-subscription is not enabled - Lowest-1 hour, Low-30 minutes, Normal-15 minutes, High-5 minutes.
Cron Frequencies in case of micro-subscription enabled - Lowest-12 minutes, Low-6 minutes, Normal-3 minutes, High-1 minutes.

Step 3.Now Go to PayPlans -> Plans and create/edit a plan and now you can set expiration time.

Points to be remembered

If you made a plan as of 2 minutes then its not necessary for this little plan to expire in its limits due to cron job execution. Due to some reasons as if your site is heavily loaded or cron can't complete its job in 2 minutes etc. So it is advised you to make plan having at least 15 minutes time span. For testing purpose you can make small plan also, but not advisable for live site.
In some payment gateways its not possible to process payment within a short time so in that case also micro-subscription will not work properly.

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