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Menu Access

Menu Access

From Joomla 3.4 Menu access app will not work with multilingual, due to major changes in J3.4 core. It's not possible to override menus (Show/Hide Menu functionality) using Menu-Access plugin.[/p]
Menu Access App controls display of menus according to plan attached with the App. Learn how to control display of Joomla menu-item(s) according to plan subscribed by a user. If your site is not multilingual then please disable Language Filter plugin if enabled to work properly.

You can use Menu Access app for restrict menus on the basis of subscription. User’s will not be able to access those menus without having desired plan.
Working of Menu Access app - administrator can take three decisions -

Allowed : The selected menus will be visible to user after subscribing attached plan.

Not Allowed : If user had not subscribed the plan attached with the menu access app then he will not be allowed to view those menus.

Do Nothing : If any menu does not restricted by any menu access app then it will work as default behaviour.

Configure Menu Access plugin

To configure click on PayPlans-Menu Access in Plugin-Manager. Set the parameter as follows-

Show 404 error : Set it to Yes if you want to display 404 page in case page is not found, otherwise plan page will be displayed.
Show Menus : Setting it to Yes only restrict menus from being accessed rather than hiding those menus.

Menu Access Configuration

Steps to configure Menu Access app

Step 1 : Install Menu Access app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2 : Menu Access app specific parameters in [i]Parameters[/i] section are described as follows-
Allowed Menus : The menus you will select will be visible to user after subscribing attached plan.The menus which are not selected will be visible to user as their default behaviour or you can say publicly accessible to users.

Set Parameter

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save app instance.

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CaseStudy of MenuAccess

When user try to access menus without having subscription then it will redirect user’s to plan page.

plans subscribe page

For example : Suppose if there are 10 menus at front-end. Admin decided to allow 5 menus after subscribing "Plan A", 2 menus after subscribing "Plan B" and remaining 3 menus had to behave as their default behaviour.

Case 1:- Now, if "User X" subscribe "Plan A" then he will able to view 5 menus and 3 remaining menus as per their default behaviour.

Case 2:- Now, if "User Y" subscribe "Plan B" then he will able to view 2 menus and 3 remaining menus as per their default behaviour.

Case 3:- If a user hasn't subscribed any plan then the user will able to view only 3 remaining menus, as per their default behaviour.

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