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Joomla Article Seller

Joomla Article Seller

You wish to sell each and every article without setting up multiple plans and apps into PayPlans.
Joomla article seller app is use to sell the individual article. The content of the article can be audio, video or text.
This app works with Joomla article as well as K2 articles.

For better understanding about what is the purpose of this app, suppose, admin have 500 articles and want that users can purchase individual article. To achieve this, without content seller app, administrator need to create 500 plans and 500 apps into PayPlans. It will be very difficult and tedious task to setup such scenario.
But now, using content seller app, administrator have to create only 1 plan and does not need to setup any app into PayPlans. Using Content Seller plugin, administrator can sell 500 articles with different prices.

In content seller plugin, there are two areas. First area represents subscription area of article and second area represents the area in which we can keep restricted content of an article.
To setup these two areas, there are two tags-

Subscription Area : In subscription area, users will get buttons to subscribe plan with specified amount. When user does not has access to certain article then buttons created in the subscription area will be visible, those buttons will be hidden once user subscribe certain article.

Tags to use : Admin needs to put following simple tags in the article : {pp-contentseller-subscribe} {/pp-contentseller-subscribe}

Example:-{pp-contentseller-subscribe purpose=buy plan_id=1 price=25}Buy Blog{/pp-contentseller-subscribe}

List of Parameters : Administrator can customize following parameters of plan in the above tags-

Parameter Name Mandatory Value Format Description
purpose Yes String This can be any one word string. Example:- buy, rent, etc. It can be used for admin reference.
plan_id Yes Numeric Set the id of PayPlans-Plan
price No Decimal The amount admin want to charge for particular article
expiration_type No String Expected Values:- fixed, forever, recurring, recurring_trial_1, recurring_trial_2

            expiration_time                                    No                                    12-digit                         Set 12-digit format for value of time.

For example : 010000000000 (1 Year), 000100000000 (1 Month), 000004000000 (4 days), 000002000000 (2 days)

            recurrence_count                                No                                    Numeric                        Number of recurrence count.
            trial_price_1                                         No                                    Decimal                        Amount for first trial
            trial_time_1                                          No                                    12-digit                         Set 12-digit format for value of time.

For example : 000004000000(4 days)

            trial_price_2                                         No                                    Decimal                        Amount for second trial
            trial_time_2                                          No                                    12-digit                          Set 12-digit format for value of time.

For example : 010000000000 (1 Year)

Restricted Area:-Restricted area contains paid content. Paid content is visible to end users only when they have access to respective article. Means, paid content will be visible after subscribing certain article.

Tags to use:-Administrators need to pack paid content into following content : {pp-contentseller-restrict} {/pp-contentseller-restrict}.
Example : {pp-contentseller-restrict}Insert paid content between these tags {/pp-contentseller-restrict}.

It is mandatory to use "One-Click Checkout" app for registration for using content seller app. This app will not work with other registration integration plugins of PayPlans.
Multiple plan ids are not allowed.
Use toggle editor to write content and tag. If any html include in content sellers tag then it it will not work.
One article can be purchased at a time.
If you have added 2 buttons in the article for purchase, and each button is set for different price and plan. Then once the article is purchased, both the button will disappear.

Setup at Backend

Setup at Backend

Before Subscribing the article

Before Subscribing the article

After Subscribing the article

After Subscribing the article
After subscribing the plan, you will also see a widget on the dashboard, which contain all the article link, that you have purchased with the content seller app.

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