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Joomla Article Content Hider

Joomla article content hider

This plugin can be used to hide/ show certain content of the Joomla articles.
When to use : you wish to hide some part of joomla article as per user's subscribed plans.
If you have an article and you want to show certain text, image or video only when your customer subscribes a plan, then you can use this plugin.
This Plugin gives power to Administrator to show/hide contents from visitors and Subscriber/non-subscribers.
Note : This is a plugin not an app, so it is not required to create an app instance for this.

You can use this plugin by using the following steps:

  1. Create an article from the back-end and fill it up with some content which you want to show on front-end.
  2. From App-Store you can download the Content Hider plugin and install it on your system.
  3. Go to plugin manager and enable the plugin.
  4. Now, open the article on which you want to apply the restrictions for subscribed/non-subscribed users.
  5. Starting from the content which you want to hide/show, apply {payplans} as start tag and {/payplans} as end tag.
  6. Application of these tags will hide/show the content from subscribed/nonsubscribed users until they subscribe certain plans.

Paste your caption

There are 4 cases applicable with this plugin:

  1. Specified Plan Subscription(SHOW): Use of {payplans plan_id=1,2, or more SHOW} and {/payplans} will show the inner content to the users who subscribed plan id mentioned in the start tag.

  2. Specified Plan Subscription(HIDE): Use of {payplans plan_id=1,2, or more HIDE} and {/payplans} will hide contents from subscribers of plan id mentioned in the start tag.

  3. Super User: Super user has access to view all contents and this plugin will not restrict the super users.

  4. Any Plan Subscription: Use of {payplans} and {/payplans} tag will hide the inner content until any plan is subscribed by the customer.

  5. Default Action: Use of {payplans plan_id=1,2, or more } and {/payplans} will consider SHOW action by default.

Take Care of following

  • No space after comma when specifying plan_ids.
  • One space needed after plan_ids and then specify action SHOW/HIDE. </stro
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