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Invitex component offers a comprehensive solution for Viral invitations for any Joomla Website. It Integrates with native Joomla Registration as well as Community Builder and JomSocial.

Inviter : Who send invitation to others. Invitee : Whom invitation will be sent.

Invitex app features-

  1. Set Invitation limit for user’s.
  2. Send Discount code to user’s(Invitee and Inviter) for
  3. Inviter for Send an Invitation
  4. Inviter for Accept an Invitation
  5. Invitee Registration through Invitation

Invitex App provides functionality to restrict users to send limited invitations according to plan subscribed.
This app provide functionality to restrict user's to send invitation on the basis of plans.
Admin can set Invitation limits for user according to subscribed plan.
Discount code will be sent to user by email when 1. User send invitation 2. Invitation sent by user is accepted and 3. To invitee and inviter after registered through an invitation.
Before creating app instance of this app make sure JomSocial component is installed on your site and you have created Profile Types.

Steps to configure Invitex app

Step 1 : Install Invitex app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2 : Invitex app specific parameters in Parameters section are described as follows-

No. of Limit :- You can set invitation limit for send invitation according to their plan.

Set Amount For Inviter For Send An Invitation : Send Discount code to Inviter’s after invitation is sent successfully through email automatically.

Set Amount For Inviter For Accept Invitation : Send Discount code to Inviter’s when invitation is accepted by invitee through email automatically.

Set Amount For Invitee Registration Through Invitation :- Send Discount code to Invitee’s when he/she register at the site by invitation through email automatically.
User’s can use these discount codes to purchase another plans. All discount code will be send to user through mail automatically.

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save app instance.

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