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Increase Username Password Strength

Quick Resistration: control user/pass strength

Increase Username/Password Strength in Quick Registration Process.
What should I do, when I want to increase strength of Username /Password at the time of user registration while using Payplans-Quick Registration or One-Click Checkout, then firstly, you need to create backup of existing Quick Registration plugin.

To Apply Changes in

  • PayPlans Quick Registration :

Go to root/plugins/payplansregistration/auto/auto/tmpl/registration.php

  • PayPlans One-Click Checkout :
    Go to root/plugins/payplans/oneclickcheckout/oneclickcheckout/tmpl/registration.php

Refer below mentioned steps

  1. To Increase UserName Strenght : Find below mentioned code near line no. 24
    Find this code
    <input type="text" size="20" id="payplansRegisterAutoUsername" name="payplansRegisterAutoUsername" class="placeholder required" pattern="(\w+[\.\@\-\w]*\w*){2,}" data-validation-pattern-message="<?php echo XiText::sprintf('JLIB_DATABASE_ERROR_VALID_AZ09', 2); ?>" />

2. To change minimum length
    - pattern="(\w+[\.\@\-\w]*\w*){2,} : Replace 2 with desired number (minimum length).

    - ```  : Replace 2 with desired number (minimum length). ```

3. <strong>To Increase Password Strenght</strong> : Find below mentioned code near line no. 56
Find this code

- <strong>Set Minimum required digit</strong> Replace with :

//Add number in minlength (Eg. minlength="5" ) for minimum number of character that will be required for password.
- <strong>Set Minimum character as well as Numeric (Like : at least 4 char + 2 numeric.)</strong>
Replace With
<input type="password" size="20" id="payplansRegisterAutoPassword" name="payplansRegisterAutoPassword" class="span12 required" pattern="(?=(.*[0-9]){2,})(?=(.*[A-Za-z]){4,})[A-Za-z0-9]{6,}" data-validation-pattern-message="WRITE VALIDATION MESSAGE HERE"/>

Note : Done these changes using Template Overriding , so changes will not lost after up-gradation of Quick Registration and One Click Checkout plugin.

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