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How To Add Custom Fields In Offline App

How to add custom fields in Offline app

To add new custom fields or edit existing fields in offline payment app in PayPlans, follow steps as follow-

Go to the file at following path : JOOMLA_ROOT/plugins/payplans/offlinepay/offlinepay/app/offlinepay/transaction.xml

In the above mentioned file, you can comment the existing fields and can add new field to it. For adding extra fields you can add an new XML field here as follows.

E.g. Let’s say you want to show the bank account number in which user can deposit the amount. So you need to add the following XML to the transaction.xml.

<field    name="bank_account"

After adding these fields, you need to add above language string to the language file. For adding new language strings to the language file you can use Language Overriding.

Notes :

  • If you want to make an field to be an non-editable then you can set an attribute disabled="true" to that field.
  • These change will be lost after upgrading Payplans.
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