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Gift Subscription

Gift Subscription

As the name suggest, this app allows us to gift a subscription

An app which allows you to send gift a subscription to your friends and family with the help of coupon code.


  • For table and code usability, we have utilized prodiscount app, so before using gift app, you need to install pro-discount app.
  • Make sure that your mail settings are enabled, as the gift coupon codes are sent through mail.

  • This will work for fixed payments only.

  • You are not allowed to refund any gift subscription. If refunded, then you have to refund individual gifted subscription.

Go to payplans backend-->app screen and install the app from app store. After installation, the app get listed on the “My apps” section on the backend app screen.
So, lets start with basic configuration.

It has following settings,

Limit on subscription:- Set the maximum limit number that user can purchase in a single shot.

Send mail to admin:- Set to yes, if you want the admin to get mail regarding gift purchase. Else, set it to “No”

Prefix of code:- Code prefix of the generated gift code. This option is added from payplans 3.2 .

Gift app backend
Now, you are ready to purchase gift subscription.

On, the invoice confirm screen, you will find the option to add the gift.

Fronend invoice

Once, you click on that, a pop-up will appear, in which you can enter the no. of gift purchase. Click on “Add gifts” and amount will be added to your invoice.

Gift Pop-up

Invoice after adding gifts

Once the subscription gets active, a mail will be send to user who have purchased the gift. The mail will contain all the gift codes. So, now user can send the codes to the people whom he want to gift.

Person who has gifted the code, has to put the gift coupon code in the “Discount code” field on invoice confirm screen.(Please check the above highlighted part of the screen shot, if you have any confusion .)

All the gift codes are stored in the pro-discount table. So, if you want to see the codes, then you will find it on backend, discount tab. The codes are save in format GIFT{subscription_id}. The reason for storing in this format is, it can be easily detectable, in case the mails are not send and you want to get the codes.

Gift code list

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How does these gift coupons get generated ?

You don't need to create or import coupons code. They will automatically get created dynamically.
Admin can apply Prefix if want, it's optional.

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