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General Issues While Using Auto Login Plugin

General Issues while using Auto Login plugin


1) I have just installed "Auto-Login" app on my site to redirect users after their plan and registration activation. However, it didn't redirect me to logged page after creating a test account. Would you please check?
2) I have received "Account Details" email after subscribing for a plan to activate my account through a link. This link redirects user to a page with the following content: "Currently, you don't have any subscription or you are not login."

To work Auto-Login plugin properly admin need to allow users to activate their user account instantly. So, that PayPlans will allow them to automatically login after account creation.

If user activation setting on your site is that users have to activate their account them-self manually by clicking on activation link in activation email, then auto-login plugin will not be able to login users automatically after they complete their registration process.

In case of Quick Registration plugin-
- Set plugin parameter Verification email and Account Activation value to Never send verification email and activate account on Account Creation(sends registration email)
- Save the plugin and then check the auto login process.


1) AutoLogin Not Working while using OfflinePay and Autorize.Net

SOLUTION : AutoLogin plugin checks for two necessary conditions - 1. Subscription should be active 2. User account should be active. When both conditions matches it automatically allow user to login on Invoice-Thanks page.

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