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Front End Dashboard

Front end dashboard

Front-end Dashboard comprises of two sections i.e

  1. My Purchases (Subscription related details)

  2. My Account (User related details)

My Purchases

This section contains all information related to subscriptions and its actions.

  1. All essential informations are logically clubbed under various tabs on a single screen.Renewal, upgrade and cancellation of subscription notifications in single point.
  2. Subscription Status Notification :An alert is shown to user when subscription expires. In case of recurring payments, message is shown to users about next expected payments. The Subscription Status has been overhauled for easier review and timely decision making for users.

  3. Renewals & Upgrade: The dashboard is designed to help admin get a better sense of consumer engagement in terms of renewal and upgrade process.

    Promote Renewals by highlighting the expired subscription and shows renewal button on relevant subscription.

    Promote Upgrade by highlighting the upgrade button on relevant subscription.

  4. Message in Plan Details: Includes information that shows accurate message to show next deducted price in case of Recurring or Trial Plans.

  5. Subscription Details, Cancellation and Update Card Details and Invoices :Users can view all his/her subscription details, invoice, cancel and update card details all under More section.

My Account

This section contains all information related to user and its available resources. So, if you have collected user information using User Detail App or created any widgets to show any resources then this is the perfect place for you. Install the dashboard widget app from PayPlan App store

If you do not want to show widgets then you can hide it. For this in back-end PayPlans->Configuration->Customization tab-> and set parameter Display My Account Tab to No and Save configuration.

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