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Forum Kunena

Forum Kunena

Kunena is a forum component that allows you to quickly deploy a community forum to your Joomla based website.
What can be done using kunena App :

  • Restrict kunena categories and subcategories from guests in various ways.
  • Restrict kunena

Steps to configure Kunena app

Step 1 : Install Kunena app from PayPlans AppStore and [url=http://www.readybytes.net/payplans/documentation/create-app-instance.html]create app instance[/url].
[figure class="text-center"]
[img class="img-polaroid" src="http://pub.jpayplans.com/livesite/screenshots/docs/apps-plugins/kunena/payplans_kunena_back-end_screen_2.png" alt="Kunena app edit screen"]
[figcaption class="img-caption"]Kunena app edit screen[/figcaption]

Step 2 : Configure kunena App.
Parameter Section :

  • Accessible Categories on Subscription Active : Here you can select the categories and subcategories which will be made accessible for the subscribers of the plans selected in the current app.

  • Visibility Access to Guest/ Non-subscribers : This parameter is independent on the plans selected in the current Apps. It works on the categories/subcategories, selected in the above parameter.Through this option, restriction for guest and non-subscribers can be set. Options are as follows :-

  1. None : This option will restrict guest and non-subscribers to access anything related to the selected categories/subcategories.
  2. Overview : This option will restrict guest and non-subscribers to see content of any forum thread. Only the topics of threads within the selected categories/subcategories will be visible.
  3. ReadOnly : This option will make selected categories/subcategories as read-only for guest and non-subscribers. They can't reply on the threads of the selected categories/subcategories.
  4. ReplyOnly : All the threads of the selected categories/subcategories will remain open to be replied, for guest and non-subscribers. Select this option, if you don't want to apply restriction on guest and non-subscribers.

When users will try to access any restricted category/sub-category, they will get redirected to login or plan subscribe page only if the performing action on that category is being restricted by App.
![](http://pub.jpayplans.com/livesite/screenshots/appville/kunena/payplans_kunena_frontend_screen_3.png" alt="Accessing restricted category")

When trying to access any restricted category

Guest users


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