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In PayPlans using Export App admin can export data, like- subscriptions and invoices and users in .csv file.

Follow the below steps to export PayPlans data :

Step1 : To export the PayPlans data you need to install Export plugin from PayPlans AppStore.

Step2 : After installation of Export plugin, you will see a new sub-menu of PayPlans in backend named Reports. After navigating to Reports sub-menu export functionality can be seen under Export tab.

Under reports sub-menu in PayPlans. Export tab showing data to configure as needed to export.

Step3 : Select the parameter which you want to export(i.e. Subscription, Invoice OR User). After that select Plans/Status/Payment Gateway/Date Range.

: After selecting all the details click on button CSV Export to export data. After some processing PayPlans will download a .csv file.

Download pop-up appears after exporting data.

The above exported .csv file name subscription_27_04_2015.csv specifies the combination of the table name to which you have exported and on which date the data is exported. So, this way of naming file is very useful to export PayPlans data which can be use for your record maintenance.

Step5 : To view the exported details open the downloaded .csv file.

Exported information shown in CSV file.

Some possible cases to export the PayPlans data are as below -
  1. I want to export only Subscriptions with Active status.
  2. I want to export all Invoices have Paid status.
  3. I want to export all Subscription with all status.
  4. I want to export all Invoices of Plan1 from January 2013 to March 2015.
  5. I want to export all active Subscribers of Plan2.

And many more combinations depends upon your scenario.

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