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Easyblog Submission

EasyBlog Submission

Easyblog component is very useful tool for blogging. With this you can post your blog in different categories. You can publish and delete them.

EasyBlog app is used to restrict the user to post, not more than maximum limit specified according to subscribed plan.
When user wants to post a blog then it checks whether user is allowed to post this blog in selected category, it also maintain parent-child relationship among the categories so that if parent is restricted to post then child also restricted to post.
This app also has dashboard widget so that user can also analyse it's allowed post and consumed post in restricted category.

Steps to Configure EasyBlog app

Step 1 : Install EasyBlog app from AppStore of PayPlans and create app instance.

Step 2 : Fill details in Parameters section as follows-

User Can Post In : Select Any category to restrict the total no. of post in any category. Specific category to restrict the no. of post in specific category.

Select Category : Enter the EasyBlog category(ies) which you want to restrict.

Enter No. of Submissions : Enter the no. of submissions which you want to allow users to post on active subscription. No. of submission parameter specify the allowed no. of post. For e.g. create two instance of submission app: one is to restrict on any category with only 5 submissions and other is for specific category let's say test category1 with 3 submissions.

Parameter Settings

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save app instance.

Step 4 : To see post on front-end dashboard you have to create an app instance of Dashboard Widget app for EasyBlog Submission.

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CaseStudy of EasyBlog

Now, subscribe any plan.

Subscribe a Plan

Go to dashboard, here you can see the categories in which user is allowed to post and no. of allowed post.

Dashboard View

Now, try to write any blog in Test category1
Case 1 : if allowed post are not exhausted then blog is published.

Publish New Post


Succesfully Posted


Dashboard View

Case 2 : If allowed post are exhausted, and he/she going to post a new blog then an error message will be shown to subscribe new plan.


Not Allowed

So with the help of this app, you can limit users to post blogs.

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