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Create Subscription

Create Subscription

Various operations can be performed on subscription(s) from PayPlans backend. Operations like - creating a new subscription, extending expiration time, deleting subscription, cancellation of a recurring subscription,etc.

Admin can perform various operations on subscription with the help of Toolbar at upper left corner as shown below. With this toolbar admin can perform these operations - create subscription, edit existing subscription, delete subscription(s), extend subscription time and searching of subscription(s).

Toolbar shown at top of Subscription grid screen

Create Subscription from Backend

Step 1: To create a subscription from backend go to PayPlans-]Subscription.
Step 2: Click on New button on toolbar. Subscription edit screen will appear.

Edit Screen of Subscription

Step 3: Admin needs to fill the details like- User, Plan, Status and Note(optional) on edit screen and save the Subscription. After saving the Subscription data, all the basic information along with a unique subscription id will be displayed.
Note:Before saving the Subscription set Status to No-Status.

Step 4: Subscription created with NO-Status. Now, admin needs to add Invoice to that Subscription by clicking on Add a Invoice button in right side in Invoice section. To save the Invoice admin need to click on Save button.

Subscription screen once Saved. Add Invoice button on Subscriptiob edit screen to add invoice.

Note: To get more details for the Type of Subscription Status and What they mean, click on info icon near Status parameter on Subscription edit screen.

Step 5:After adding Invoice, admin need to add Transaction by clicking on Add a Transaction button on Invoice edit screen in right side in Transaction section.

Add Transaction button on Invoice edit screen to add transaction.

Note: To get more details for the Type of Invoice Status and What they mean, click on info icon near Status parameter on Invoice edit screen.

Step 6:On Transaction edit screen, all transaction details are prefilled. Admin can add message related to that transaction so that it will be visible to its user. On edit screen of transaction Params section will not have any data.

Transaction edit screen before Save(No need to fill any details except Note)

Step 7: To save the Transaction admin need to click on Save button. After saving the Transaction data for parameter Gateway Type value is Admin Pay.

Step 8: After attaching Invoice and Transaction to the Subscription, Status becomes Active . Subscription edit screen will look like below screen.

Subscription after adding invoice and transaction

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Delete Subscription

Delete Subscription(s) from Backend

  • To delete subscription(s) go to Subscription grid screen and select the no. of subscription you want to delete and after that click on the Delete button on the toolbar

  • Deleting any subscription will delete all the related records, like- Invoice(s), Transaction(s), Modifiers(Tax, Discount), etc.

Extend Subscription Duration (Expiration Date)

Extending expiration date of Subscription(s) from back-end

Admin can found the Extend button on Subscription grid screen toolbar to extend expiration time of subscription(s) from backend. To extend a subscription admin needs to follow the steps as below-

  1. Select the subscription(s) on Subscription grid screen, after that click on the Extend button on toolbar.

  2. A pop-up window will appear, here set the time you want to extend.

  3. Click on Apply button to extend the subscription’s expiration time.

Set the time which need to be extended in subscription by Extend Subscription feature.

Cancel Recurring Subscription from backend.

Cancel recurring subscription from backend.

Only recurring subscriptions can be cancelled. Admin can cancel the a recurring subscription from its edit screen in backend by clicking on Cancel button.

  • It is a necessary condition that the payment gateway used to make the recurring payment must support recurring cancellation from PayPlans. Like - Stripe Payment Gateway app
  • In case, payment gateway not allow recurring cancellation from PayPlans, then recurring cancellation will not work. Like - PayPal Payment Gateway app.

![]( Cancellation.png)

Cancel button on recurring subscription screen to cancel the subscription.

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