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Concept Of Not Registered User

Concept of Not_Registered User

This is introduced for implementing one-click-checkout process.

Tired of seeking subscriptions tab with Not_Registered users? Don't know who is this user and why it is shown up here?
Don't worry. If you are using One Click Checkout App then you must be first familiar with this user.

Let's find out the concept of this user. Why we used this user? Even on deleting this user, again it is created automatically, why?

Actually, when you use One Click Checkout App, you directly reach at Invoice Checkout page skipping the login/register screen. Here, at this page, users can register/login as well as checkout for further process. But in actual, to show this Invoice Checkout page, PayPlans create a new invoice and subscription. Invoices and subscriptions should be attached to any user but till now we do not have any user information. So, we have come up with a new concept. We have created a dummy user named as not_registered.

This dummy user is created only once. As users complete the payment process subscriptions automatically attach with their user names.

So, you might be still wondering that even customers are paying and completing the purchase process then why is still there subscriptions with not_registered?
This clearly means that some of the users clicked the Subscribe button but didn't complete the payment process.

Do you want to delete these subscriptions automatically?

Solution : Go to Payplans->Configuration, check the Expert tab, set Auto Delete Dummy Records to the time frame after which these orders with No-Status should be deleted.

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