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Changing Text In Language Files

Changing text in language files

You can override specific text in language file, without even touching the original language file. You can write your language overrides in separate override file.

When admin want to override specific text in language file or in the existing .php file, then it will overwrite the existing one for sometimes only because on up- gradation or re-installation of PayPlans, changes made by you won't be retained. So, It is recommended that you should use Joomla language override option to change any text of PayPlans , which will not be touched on up-gradation.

There are two ways to do this :-

  • Using File Override : In this method. You need to create a file (if not exists) at following location
    For FrontEnd :- /language/overrides/en-GB.override.ini
    For BackEnd :- /administrator/language/overrides/en-GB.override.ini

Write the constant and its respective value that you want to change in above file and save this. your change will be reflected. Please note that you should name the file as per the language string for which you are making changes. For Example if you are overriding the text for French language then file name should be like en-Fr.Overrides.ini

  • From Joomla Back-End : From Joomla backend admin can override language strings and this option is provided onwards Joomla 3.X.

Using this concept, your changes in language file will never be lost on upgrading PayPlans. Refer documentation : (]Language Overrides in Joomla)

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