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PayPlans have integration with Zoo CCK using two apps i.e. Zoo and Zoo Elements.
Zoo app used to apply restrictions on view and submission of items or can show/ hide elements according to plans.

If your Zoo Application has 3 different types of items that can be added by your users: 1.) Camera 2.) Phone 3.) Laptop
Now, you want to restrict your users of "Plan A" to be able to add 'x' number of Cameras, 'y' number of 'Phones' and 'z' Number of Laptops in individual 'x', 'y' and 'z' categories . Also, to have a functionality to configure and restrict an overall value of submission is 'a'.

For example, if the overall value of 'a' is 10, then the maximum number of products that a user with this plan can submit = (Number of Cameras added + Number of Phones added + Number of Laptops added + ..... so on....) is 10 where maximum ' cameras' can be submit is 5, ' phones' can be submit is 4, ' laptops' can be submit is 7.

To fulfil this scenario you need to create 2 apps ie one with option of Specific Category and another with post in any category.
So here you need to create an Zoo category app in which you need to set User post in "Specific Category" and select category cameras, phones and laptops in this field. Also set the total no of submission allowed are 5,4,7.]

Another Zoo category app you need to create in which you need to set User post in "Any Category" and set total count to 10
Now user will be able to post total of 10 items in any category with also in the limit of posting in specified categories as mentioned.

Note: You can also set the overall upper caps to 'INFINITY' to allow unlimited or 'ZERO' to allow none.

Steps to Configure Zoo App

Step 1 : Install Zoo app from AppStore of PayPlans and create app instance.

Step 2 : Fill details in Parameters section as follows-

App configuration

User can post in : If you want that user can post on some Specific Categories then mention here. In below fields select your required categories. Else select Any Category to submit on any category then select any category options here. As you select any category option here the below mentioned field Select category parameters won't work.

Restriction on : You can apply restrictions on view only , submit only , view and submit both only.

a. Restriction on view : User can only view only but will not able to submit items to his specified category.

Restriction on view

b. Restriction on submit : User can submit only to his specified category.

Restriction on submit

c. Restriction on both : User can do both view as well as submit only to his specfied category.

Restriction on both

Allowed number of submission :- If you want user will be allowed to submit different number of items in different categories then enter values in "Allowed Number of submissions" in comma-separated form. For example- If you have selected Category1, Category2 in "Select Category" field and you want that user will be allowed to enter 2 items in Category1 and 3 items in Category2. Then enter values in "Allowed Number of submissions" as 2,3.

Allowed number of submission

After that user can submit items from frontend in their specified categories

Frontend view

Showing success message

After that you want that free members to be able to add (say) upto 5 listing to the Zoo Application in whichever category (say there are 100 categories) they want, but they can select only a maximum of 5 items in total. Paid members can upload 50 items in any category.

And also there should be a CAP (maybe 0 as well, to disallow posting, or leave blank to allow unlimited posting) on number of products to put these products to.

So here you need to create an Zoo category app in which you need to set User post in "Any Category" and set total count to 5. Now user will be able to post 5 items in any category.
Similarly you need to create another Zoo category app in which you need to set User post in "Any Category" and set total count to 100. Now paid user will be able to post 100 items in any category.

So you can limit number of submissions per category with an overall CAP on number of products that can be set.

NOTE : If you want to apply limit on ZOO item submissions via PayPlans, then you needs to set ZOO App(i.e.-Blog) -> Submissions Tab -> Edit Submission screen -> Submissions Limit = 0. Zero means unlimited submissions per user.
If you set any limit in Submissions Limit field apart from '0', then that limit will set for all category submissions, irrespective of PayPlans Zoo App setting.

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Zoo Elements

Zoo Elements App : If you have a directory based on Zoo, a community based on JomSocial/CB Subscription or even if you have JomSocial Profile type also.
Now companies wants to create different profiles for free and paid members, If they are a paid subscriber the public will be able to click on the listing and see the full profile, if the company is using the free version all public users will be able to see the item teaser but can not enter in full profile mode.
To fulfil above scenario you need to set up Zoo Element App. With Zoo Element App you can show / hide element according to plan. So you will get complete control to your items i.e. which item you want to show/hide to which plans subscribers.

Steps to Configure Zoo Element app

Step 1 : Install Zoo Element app from AppStore of PayPlans.

Step 2 : Go to Zoo app Configuration.

Zoo Element app instance screen

Steps 3 : Click on any item to configured it.

Configuring Items

Step4 : Select action which you want to perform on element like show/hide.

Select action to performs

Setting Action type

Step 5 : Select plan(s):- Select plans which you want to be applied for above field.

Step 6 : Enable plan selections :- Set this if want that payplans plan selection at individual item level.

Now you can observe that the free users won't able to see teaser images and teaser descriptions while paid users will able to see them.

Front end view1

Front end view2

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