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Mosets Tree app provides integration of Mosets Tree component with PayPlans. Mosets Tree is a directory component for Joomla.

Every user can add lists and the only restriction level is improved as only registered users can add list. But if some more restrictions are required as only a user who subscribed a plan can add lists then this can be done by using PayPlans Integration with Mosets Tree. A user who subscribed a plan will be allowed to add lists in specified category.

Steps to Configure Mosets Tree App

Step 1 : Install Mosets Tree app from AppStore of PayPlans and create app instance.

Step 2 : Fill details in Parameters section as follows-

  • Restriction Applied On : Set Any Category, if you want to apply restriction on all categories. Else set Specific Category to apply restriction on particular category(ies).
  • Select Category : Select the specific categories on which you want to apply restrictions in Mosets.
  • No. of Listings to be published : Enter the number of allowed listings which can be published by user.
  • No. of Listings to be featured : : Enter the number of allowed listings which can be marked featured by user.

Steps 3 : Fill all the details and Save the app instance.

*Step4 * : To see listings on front-end dashboard you have to create an app instance of Dashboard Widget app.

After this you can configure Mosets Tree according to your requirements. If you do not want to review listing manually then go to Mosets->Configuration->Main tab->Set parameter Adding new listing requires approval to No and Save configuration.
After a list is added user can review list, claim list, report a review. When user's subscription expires, all the listings will disabled/unpublished automatically.

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Mosets Examples and Cases

To check how Mosets Tree App works below we mention some cases-

  1. Case 1 - A user who is not subscribed a single plan have no access to add lists.But user can see all listings previously added by others, can review listings,can do vote for a listing. And more settings can be done through configuration of Mosets Tree.

This scenario can be understood by below steps-

  • User do not have active subscription.
  • Go to Mosets Tree and try to add listings in restricted categories.
  • Users will be redirected to the Subscribe Plan page with message - Select a plan to submit your listings
  1. Case 2- A user who subscribed a plan will be allowed to add listings at mosets tree lists which are also shown on his/her dashboard. Allowable limit is decided by admin that how many list can be added by a subscribed user.

This scenario can be understood by below steps-

  1. User have active subscription.
  2. Go to Mosets Tree and try to add listings by clicking on button Add your listing here.
  3. Now, listing form will be shown. After filling the details user can submit the listing.
  4. If listing does not requires approval then a message will be shown - Thank you for your submission. Your Listing has been added to our directory. and user will be redirected to the listing grid page.
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