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Basic Tax

Basic Tax

Add certain Tax with the subscribed Plan price using Basic Tax App.

Through Basic Tax App, You can apply certain tax rate which can be applicable as per country of users. Tax will be added automatically when user enters his / her country at the time of subscribing plan.

For Example: If you have created a basic tax app to be applicable on a country (say India) and entered tax rate, then when user subscribes for a plan, this tax will get added as soon as user will select that country (India).

To create a Basic Tax App, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Install Basic Tax app from AppStore and create its app instance.
  • Fill the following fields under Parameter section. Description of parameters is as follows-

    • Tax Rate: Add the Tax Rate which you want to apply on subscribed plan. Tax Rate will be applied in percentage i.e. 10.5 or 12.5%.

    • Countries: Select the countries on which you want to apply Tax Rate.

    • Display plan price included with tax on subscribe page: Set yes, if you want to display plan price including applicable tax rate at subscription page. Otherwise, set it to no.

  • Save and close the app instance.

Parameter Settings

Customer walk through

Now, at frontend, you can see Subscription Page in below screenshot where Tax is added with Plan Price.

Basic Tax on Subscription Page

At Invoice page, There is an option added to select Country as a mandatory field. Whenever user select the country, Tax will be added with plan price as per Tax Rate applicable on country.[/p]

Basix Tax Applied on Invoice

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Will Basic tax will work parallel to EU Vat ?

No, both of them won't work parallel. Need to disable one of them.

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