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Features of Analytics plugin

  • PayPlans Analytics plugin provide analytics integration with Woopra, Intercom and Mixpanel to PayPlans.
  • This will allow to track to entire Subscription flow of PayPlans, starting from Subscription creation to Subscription Paid/Expire.
  • There are 12 events in total which admin can track, like - Subscription Activation/Expiration/Hold/Renewal/Upgrade, Invoice Paid/Refund/Checkout, Discount consumed, Used payment gateway and Email Open.
  • This plugin provides flexibility to track selected events as per the admin needs.

Steps to Configure Analytics plugin

Step 1 : Install Analytics plugin from PayPlans AppStore.

Step 2 : Installed plugin will be listed under My Apps tab. Find the plugin and click on the button Configure Plugin to fill the configuration for required the analytics tool.
PayPlans Analytics plugin Parameters as described as below-

Select event to track : Add the required events which you want to track by clicking on the text-box.
Domain(s) for tracking : Specify the domain for which you want to track analytics data.
Intercom configuration
Enable Intercom : Set to Yes if you want to track your analytics using Intercom. Else set it to No.
App id : App ID of your Intercom account.
App key : App Kay of your Intercom account.
Mixpanel configuration
Enable Mixpanel : Set to Yes if you want to track your analytics using Mixpanel. Else set it to No.
Token : Specify Token of your Mixpanel account.
Woopra configuration
Enable Woopra : Set to Yes if you want to track your analytics using Woopra. Else set it to No.

Step3 : Save and Close the plugin.
Now, you are ready to track the PayPlans events in the respective account of Woopra, Mixpanel and Intercom.

All events will automatically starts tracking in the account of your tools but, for Email Open event you need to include the beacon image in the email content you want to track.
Beacon image code should be like below code -

<img style="border: 0;" src="http://yoursite.com/index.php?ppemailtracker=image&email=[[USER_EMAIL]]&utm_source=welcome-to-ready-bytes&utm_medium=notification_emails&utm_campaign=email-on-activation"/>
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