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Advance Pricing

Advance Pricing

Advanced Pricing app allows administrator to sell one plan with different variations.
We always say that PayPlans architecture is very flexible and it is very easy to customize according to end user needs. Our words are not publicity stunt. We are proving our words by introducing new app with very fresh and demanding concept.

Using advance pricing admin can vary price of plan according to number of units and can also provide price variations w.r.t range of units purchased by the user. The best example to explain Advanced pricing app is “Licensing Companies”. Licensing companies allow users to purchase multiple units of one license. One important point is that those companies provide discount, if user purchase higher number of units.

With advance pricing app you can show single plans in variations with time and price according to its unit. This app can be useful while selling multiple units of single plan.
Before setting variation in plans, you need set the layout to “vertical”. The default value of layout is 'Horizontal'.

For doing this, go to PayPlans -> Configuration -> Customization tab -> Set Layout to Vertical.
The plan you will create, should have price per unit.

Advanced Pricing app does not work with Renewal and Upgrade apps.
For creating this, click on the new button. After clicking on new button,

Steps to configure Advanced Pricing app

Step 1 : Install Advanced Pricing app from PayPlans AppStore.

Step 2 : Go to PayPlans -> Advanced Pricing sub-menu. Create new advance pricing instance as per your need. Parameters in are described as follows-

Slab's Min Value : Enter the minimum number of units that user can choose. Its value should be greater than 0.

Slab's Max Value : Enter the maximum value of units that user can choose. Its value should also be greater than 0.

Units Title : This will be the title shown at the front-end.

Description : Enter description of advance pricing details.

Price and Time Combinations : Here you can set various combination of price and time.

Click on the (+) button if you want to add more combination. For removing any entry click on (X) button.

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save instance.

Lets say a Under plan screen, a plan is created of 10$/month. Now under the Advance pricing app we can create different variation. Like, 1). for 1 month, it will be charged 10$ 2). for 2 months, 10$ 3). for 3 month, 25 $. For example:- Suppose, Price of Plan = $10 per unit and Expiration Time of Plan = 1 month
Now, suppose you have to enter different prices for 2 months, 3 months and 4 months then with this app you can create different price and time combinations as follows :-

Price = $20 per unit and Expiration Time = 2 months
Price = $30 per unit and Expiration Time = 3 months
Price = $35 per unit and Expiration Time = 4 months

So, these variation can be created with this without creating different plans.

Once the customer enter the no. of units he wants, then its various price and time will be shown in the tabular format. Also user will be able to see information about what he will pay(Price to pay) and what would have been the price. Also, the amount saved by the user if subscribe for more time.
Here Available range shows the minimum(3) and maximum(8) units, customer can get. After the user select the required plan, subscribe button will appear in the plan block.

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