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Acy Mailing

Acy Mailing

Acymailing component categorized users to various mailing list, so that admin can send different emails to different mailing lists subscribers.
Acymailing app will integrate Acymailing component with your PayPlans kit.

When subscriber's subscription status changes(Active, Hold or Expired), according to that Acymailing app puts the subscriber to different Mailing lists, so that AcyMailing component automatically send emails to subscribers when their subscription status changes.

Before creating app instance of this app make sure ACYmailing component is installed on your site and you have created different lists in ACYmailing List.

Steps to configure Acymailing app

Step 1 : Install Acymailing app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2 : Acymailing app specific parameters in Parameters section are described as follows-

Add to Mailing list( On Subscription Active) : specify the list of AcyMailing which will be assigned on Active subscription status.

Add to Mailing list(On Subscription Hold) : specify the list of AcyMailing which will be assigned on Hold subscription status.

Add to Mailing list(On Subscription Expire) : specify the list of AcyMailing which will be assigned on Expired subscription status.

Configure Acy-Mailing App

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save app instance.

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Cases and Scenarios in ACYmailing

Let say for e.g. Group1, Group2, Group3.-

Create Groups/Lists in Acy-Mailing

Create a new app instance of AcyMailing app in PayPlans.

Then configure it as you want, let say for e.g.
Map PayPlans Subcription status to Acymailing List as follow :

onSubcription Active put subscriber in Group1.
onSubcription Hold put subscriber in Group2
onSubcription Expire put subscriber in Group3

Now, Save app instance.

Configure Acy-Mailing App

Now, subscribe any plan from front-end and go to front-end Dashboard.

Payplans User Dashboard where user can see his subscriptions

If subscription is Active, then subscriber is automatically added to group1 of AcyMailing list, so the mails in group1 is send to the subscriber.

Before Subscription Active

After Subscription Active

Similarly, you can use other combinations also.

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