Rok Feature Table

It offers a stylistic and user friendly solution for displaying tabular based data with the help of RokFeatureTable Module.

Step 1: Install this plugin through extension manager & then enable it from plugin manager. It will automatically create a template.

Step 2: In module manager, open RokFeatureTable module & select Payplans in Preset Templates & click on import, to import this template.

Step 3: Set position as payplans-rokfeature.

PayPlans Rokfeature Table Integration Module Backend

Step 4: If you have modified plan's data, then you can update template by clicking on a link provided in this plugin.

PayPlans Rokfeature Table Integration Plugin Apps Backend

Step 5: Go to subscribe page on front-end & check it out.

PayPlans Rokfeature Table Integration Plans Screen Frontend

RokFeatureTable Module supports atmost 6 columns & 20 rows. So, you can't use it, if you have more than 6 plans.