Akeeba Ticket System

Akeeba Ticket System (ATS) component is an powerful extension and provide easy Support service on your site Customer can create and submit, reply a ticket for his query. Akeeba ticket system have a credit functionality for opening and replying tickets. User needs some credit amount in his ticket’s account.

Suppose you want to credit user’s account on the basis of plans, e.g. your site have paid support for your product or service then user could purchase an plan to get support on your site by submitting tickets.

Akeeba Ticket System app credit and debit amount to user’s account on the basis of plan subscribed. It will work for fixed as well as recurring plan bases. it could also configurable for renewal and upgrade cases.

Steps to configure Akeeba Ticket System app

Step 1 : Install Akeeba Ticket System app from PayPlans AppStore and create app instance.

Step 2 : Akeeba Ticket System app specific parameters in Parameters section are described as follows-

  • Credit Amount (on Subscription-Active) : Enter amount to be credit to user's account on activation of subscription.

  • Debit Amount (on Subscription-Hold) : Enter amount to debit from user's account on hold status of subscription

  • Debit Amount (on Subscription-Expire) : Enter amount to debit from user's account on expiration of subscription

  • Credit Amount (on Renew) : Enter amount to be credit to user's account on renewal of subscription.

  • Credit Amount (on Upgrade) : Enter amount to be credit to user's account on upgrade of subscription.

If you leave any field blank or set it to 0 ,then it will not be considered for either credit or debit.

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save app instance.

app configuration

Cases and Scenarios

This app can be easily configured, as you need. in above e.g user get’s 100 point when he purchase a subscription and submitted a ticket (that would be configured to be of 20 points in ATS), now user’s remaining account balance would be 80 points. After sometime his subscription is expired then 50 points would be debited from his account and remaining balance would be 30 points. that how this app would work.

For upgrade/ renewal scenario : User has 30 points, now he want to upgrade to plan2 then he would get 120 more points and user’s account would be 150 points. this app would work similarly for renewal of plan.