EasySocial 2.2.6


Customizing invoice as per plan

Case1: You can post some hidden data during the process and then place the posted hidden data in your invoice page.
There is a trick through which it is made possible.

For eg - If you want to show logo, address etc as per the plans then follow the mentioned steps:-

  • We have an app, named subscription Detail through which you can ask some extra details from users, as per the subscribed plan.

  • In this app, we support writing xml for making fields. So you can create a hidden field containing values for logo, address etc according to plans.Add default value in those hidden fields.

for eg :

<field name ="logo" type ="hidden" default="/images/payplans/companylogo_1.png"/>
  • Now for displaying on invoice, you just need to override template for invoice thanks page.
    for e.g :
$object = $invoice->getReferenceObject(PAYPLANS_INSTANCE_REQUIRE);
if($object instanceof PayplansOrder){
    $subscription = $object->getSubscription();
    $params = $subscription->getParams()->toArray();
        $logo  = $params['logo'];

The customization will contain, fetching the subscription detail parameters (logo/address etc) and displaying the details on invoice.

Case2 :Want to Place your entered subscription details / User details apps data in Invoice Page.

For eg - If you want to asked custom data from user during checkout process then you can use any of the 2 apps ie subscription Detail or User Detail user details app:-

  • You can create xml and use any of the app for asking information as per your requirement.

  • Follow below steps :-

    • Step 1: Move to the configuration tab of your PayPlans kit (Payplans Backend --> Configuration-- >Customization)

    • Step 2: Under configuration tab, you need to select the customization tab.

    • Step 3: Now, you need to enter some tokens under the field “Custom Content on Invoice”. From the link “View Tokens” you can select the available tokens which you want to be visible on the invoice page of the subscribed plan.

The customization will contain, fetching the users details / subscription detail parameters and displaying the details on invoice.