EasySocial 2.2.6


Skip Free Invoice

Working of Skip Free Invoice plugin is self explanatory by its name. It skips the Confirm-Invoice page only for those plans which are completely free.

Using Skip Free Invoice app customer will not be taken to Invoice-Confirm page and user will be redirected to Thanks for subscription page.

Steps to configure Skip Free Invoice plugin

Step 1 : Install Skip Free Invoice plugin from PayPlans AppStore.

Step 2 : App is self configured so, no need to create app instance of Skip Free Invoice.

Skip Free Invoice plugin is applicable for two types of plans : Fixed Free Plan and Forever Free Plan.

In case of free trial with recurring, skip free invoice does not come into existence because in case of recurring there is a need to receive payment information for next paid payments, thus Confirm-Invoice page cannot be skipped to create payment profile of user for further recurring payments.

Skip Free Invoice plugin is not applicable for below plans-

  • Recurring Plan
  • Trial(free) + Reccuring Plan
  • Trial(paid) + Reccuring Plan
  • Paid Plan

When user subscribes Fixed Free or Forever Free plan then user will automatically be redirected to "Thanks for subscription"page after clicking on Subscribe plan button.

Note: Do not use OneClickCheckout app with SkipFreeInvoice app, because OneClickCheckout app requires Invoice-Checkout page to get payment details as well as user login credentials. On the other-end, SkipFreeInvoice app skips the Invoice-Checkout page. So, to avoid conflicts do not use both together.

Skip Free Invoice Frontend Screen Thanks For Subscription