Migrating from Payplans 2.x Series

If you are upgrading from Payplans2.X series to Payplans3.X series then here are some points that need to take care of some point before upgrading, people who shouldn't upgrade and who should and how to migrate.

  • Firstly, CREATE BACKUP of your site. Also take backup of template customization and the code tweak that you have done in PayPlans.

  • Secondly, CREATE CLONE of your site or testing site.

  • NOTE : Before doing anything Turn-Off and clean Joomla cache, if your site using it.

  • Now, download PayPlans-Installer from (]download) page and install it on your testing site.

  • Please read instruction carefully on Installation screen.

  • Run the installer, with the credentials through which you login at This installer will migrate your payplans2.4 data to its successive release i.e payplans 3.0.x. Last updated version of 2.4 Series is 2.4.9, so if you are on some older version than this, installer will first upgrade PayPlans to 2.4.9, and then migrate to 3.0.x. (for more details please follow the this link Payplans Installation

  • Meanwhile running installer if you will get any issue like migration stops with an error like "installation failed! revert back your database", then refresh the page and you will shown a button to "revert database". Reverting the database will bring your data to previous state.

After successfully reverting back, you will see a "run again" button. Now, in order to detect what issue has occurred with upgrading, set the Joomla Debug mode "ON" and set the Error Reporting to "Maximum" in Global configuration of Joomla.
If you still got some problem with migration then please contact us through support forums or mails, we will respond you with priority.

  • If installation is successful then go to PayPlans->App->'Visit App-Store' tab and upgrade all the installed apps. If you do not upgrade your installed apps then some screen might shows up with errors.

  • Now, go to site check for your work-flow, do some testing, like front-end is working fine, no template or CSS related issue. Similarly in PayPlans back-end any screen shouldn't messed up, everything should work fine as it was.

  • If everything is working fine after doing all check, then you can repeat these steps on your live site.

Some common issues, you might face are :-

  • *Installer not working : *There might be some other plugins (like json-decoder plugin, specific curl libraries, after installation working plugins, or any special plugin that you might install other than css and modules related) that causing this problem, so turn off them and try again.

  • *File/Directory Permission : *There are some issue that you might face with installer like permission problems then you could follow the Installer documentation.

  • Template/CSS Issues : Payplans3.x series uses the Joomla bootstrap, so after upgrading, If you face any layout or css issues then you need to check for that also.

  • Strict Standard/Notice Issues : Payplans 3.0.10 may have some strict standard or notices issue, which have been resolved in PayPlans 3.1 series. So, after successful migration from 2.4.9 to 3.0.10, then you can upgrade to PayPlans 3.1.11 series or more higher versions.

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QUES:-Automatic payments are not working after migrating the site.
ANS:- If you are using Hosted payments gateway like(PayPal, 2Checkout, Payza). then you will be change your notification url(your new website url) at the payment gateway website where notification should be send.