App Store

The App-Store is an intuitive app managing system for all of our products, like- PayPlans, PayInvoice, JxiForms, PayCart, etc.
Also an interesting point is that, “App-Store is not a paid feature”.

App Store is build to allow easy installation of apps whichever you want. You can also check for updates and available pool of apps. So, no need to download PayPlans apps.
Onwards PayPlans 3.1+ version AppStore is available. To install an app go to your site's backend PayPlans-> Apps sub-menu->Visit App-Store tab. If you are visiting App-Store 1st time then it will take some time to redirect. A pop-up opens, here enter the email & password which you have set for your account at
Installation of any app will enable its plugin by default.

App-Store Features: : One place for installation of App, Modules, Components, Languages packs, etc., Easy searching, Advance Filters, Apply OR Reset filters, Quick links to Support forum and Documentation(if available), Quick view of app details, Easy Installation/Updation of Apps, etc

App Upgrade : it is done same as installation. If any upgrade of an app is available then Upgradeable text will be shown and Install button will become Upgrade button. When you click on Upgrade, it will install the latest released version of app.

App Un-installation: un-installation of any app in not possible from App-Store it self. So, to uninstall any apps/plugin/language-pack/module, go to Extension Manager->Manage, search and uninstall.

App Filtering : Now, you can filter your apps as you want, it provides various section for filtering of apps like - Category, Status, Type, etc. App Status: In this feature, you can filter apps according to Installed, Upgradeable, Not-Installed and Not-Available.

Searching In this feature, you just need to write the name of app which you want to search.

Related KB's :

Not able to install User Preference App

In earlier versions(v3.1.X and v3.2.X) of PayPlans some apps including User Preference App were pre-installed. So, user have no need to install it from AppStore.
But, onwards PayPlans v3.3.X all apps are installable from AppStore.
Issue occurred due to the marking of this App as pre-installed. So, now we have changed configuration for this App. So, you can install the User Preference App from our app-store. Update if similar issue occurs.

Dead link to App Store : Allowed memory size of XXXXXX bytes exhausted

Go to Global Configuration -> System -> Debug Settings and set Debug System to YES. Also set Error Reporting to Maximum.
Then again visit the PayPlans app-store and let us know what error do you get.
If you get below error :

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /var/www/html/SITE_NAME/libraries/vendor/joomla/string/src/phputf8/utils/unicode.php on line 204

It means error occurred due to low memory limit. To resolve issue change the memory_limit value in the php.ini file.
As PayPlans is tested with the memory limit of 128M and it works fine. Set the parameter memory_limit = 128M.

Note: Sometimes some other Joomla Extension will consumed more memory space due to which this fatal error will occur. Check the other extension which consuming more memory space and disabled it and try again.

Poblem in login to app-store

Below are some solution you should try to resolve login problem on AppStore-
1. Check if you have installed CDN (e.g. -CloudFlair)on your server. Disable it or clean caching and try to login again.
2. If you have applied ht-access restriction on your site then try to disable them and try to login again.
3. If you have applied country based access restriction on your site then also disable them and try to login again.
4. Change the value of parameter arg_separator.output from '& amp' to '&' in php.ini file, then restart your web server and try to login again.

Unable to go to AppStore

PROBLEM : getting below error everytime i try to go to AppStore.

 #0 xxx/administrator/components/com_rbinstaller/rbinstaller/tables/config.php(22)
: = = = = = > Rb_Table->__construct('
 #__rbinstaller_...', 'key', NULL) 

SOLUTION : Please follow the below instructions to resolve the issue-
1. Disable the Joomla Cache in Global Configuration-->System Tab-->Cache Setting-->Cache* = 'OFF Caching Disabled'
2. Go to Extension Manager and uninstall the extensions-RBInstaller and RBSL Framework!.
3. Now, go to PayPlans-->Apps sub-menu--> Visit App-Store
4. Now you will be able to access the app store.

Let us know if you still face any issues.

App Store tab is not visible after update

PROBLEM : I just updated my installation from 3.0.10 to 3.2.7. Now the app store tab has disappeared, so I cannot install/update any apps.
SOLUTION : Try to clean expired/checked-in cache at your site and try to access AppStore again. If issue still exist then try to reload the Apps page by pressing CTRL + F5 keys together.

Why App Store replaced App Manager?

With the evolution of time the number of apps has grown to quite a value of 150+ and with customer demand the number of apps will keep rising.
With so many apps, keeping a track of them and looking for any available update get a bit tedious task. Earlier all the app management was achieved with the help of our App-Manager. As our understandings of the management systems grew we came to an understanding that the App-Manager is lagging in many places.
So, to further improve the User Experience and Usability of our products we have developed the App-Store.

Difference between App-Store and App Manager?

App-Manager was for PayPlans only and did not offered any paid app. On the other hand App-Store has lots of features, many conditions and scenarios whereas the earlier App-Manager is only capable to install/uninstall.
With this App-Store third party developers will also be able list their paid apps in it.
Lets have a look through some screen-shots it will be lot more interesting. The below screen shows a simple search function in App-Store for PayInvoice.

Below each app it’s status is clear whether it’s installed or if any upgrade is available.

If you noticed carefully the above image also suggests the presence of a cart system in the App-Store☺. The cart system will allow you to create a wishlist for your required apps and batch process the purchasing process as shown below.

The below image shows three obvious scenarios out of many others available. The right side of the image is the mouse hover effect on each and every case.