Access Control

Easydiscuss Categories

This app is used to integrate Easydiscuss component with PayPlans.

Steps to Configure Easy Discuss app

Step 1 :Install Easydiscuss component.Create categories and set-up the category's ACL setting from the 'Permission' tab.

Step 2 :Install EasyDiscuss Category App and create app instance.

Step 3 : EasyDiscuss Category app specific parameters are described as below-

Categories on Plan subscription : Set the category which is accessible by user when subscription is active.

Visibility Access : Set the rules select,view,reply on selected categories when subscription is active.

Step 4 :Create a dashboard widget for EasyDiscuss Categories , so that user can also see the accessible categories.

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General Issues in EasyDiscuss Categories

ISSUE #1: *SQL syntax Error:- 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '"user",119,1)' at line 1 SQL=insert into my_table_name_discuss_category_acl_map (category_id,acl_id,type,content_id,status) VALUES (2,,"user",119,1)
When Visibility Access is not configured in the App Instance .

ISSUE #2 : User is not able to access all Easy Discuss Category.
SOLUTION Check the Easy Discuss Category permission in the Easy Discuss Component.