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UpdatingIt is always recommended to stay up-to-date with the latest version of any software to avoid running into unnecessary bugs by receiving the latest updates from us. There things to remember everytime you updating any software: BACKUP, backup, and backup.Make it a habit to run a backup before uninstalling ANY component; this includes Komento. There are many school of thoughts or ways to backup your site, but please stick with what you're confortable with. We would like to recommend you to read through this documentation on Backing Up Your Site.Updating from older version of Komento to a newer version is really simple. There are two options that you can go with.* Install the latest installer over the existing component.* OR, uninstall the previous version and install the latest version again.To obtain the latest version of Komento, all you need to do here is to access your dashboard area and download the latest version of Komento.## Updating KomentoAfter you have acquire the installer package, proceed to your Joomla Extension Manager and browse for the downloaded installer package and hit the Upload & install button. You may use these documentation as a guide since the steps are fairly similar.* Installing Komento via Launcher Package* Installing komento via Full PackageRest assure that the process of uninstalling Komento will NOT remove the existing comments or contents. The only changes/deletes during the updating process are the core files. If you've made any customization on the core files, be sure to back-it-up first before runs the updating process.

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