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hCaptcha is an alternative to the Google reCAPTCHA service.

Getting Started

You'll first need to create an account with hCaptcha service. Click on the Sign Up button and choose the desired hCaptcha services. Once the registration completed, you'll see your hCaptcha dashboard.

You can use the hCaptcha keys directly on your website without neeeding to register your domain. Or if you wish to add your domain, click on the +New Site button and it will load a form for you to enter your domain.

Register new domain

Site Key

Click on the Settings icon from the table and grab your Site Key.

Register new domain

Secret Key

To grab the Secret Key, click on the Settings tab.

Register new domain


After you've completed the above steps, you'll need to copy both; Site Key and Secret Key and paste them in Komento hCaptcha section. Navigate to Komento > Settings > Antispam > Captcha > Captcha Type = hCaptcha as shown below.

Register new domain

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