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How Tos

Here are the collection of How-Tos for Komento; you can follow these tutorials to ensure that your Komento is setup optimumly.

How to Setting Up Recaptcha

Here, we'll briefly guide you to Setting Up Recaptcha on Komento. Setting up recaptcha for Komento is pretty simple. Firstly, you'll need to get Site Key and Secret Key from Google reCaptcha. Copy these keys because you'll need these keys to setting up Recaptcha on Komento later.

Recaptcha Integrations

Next, navigate to Komento's Antispam section which is located here: Komento > Integrations > (component) > Antispam > Recaptcha and then, paste the keys here. Click on save button to store the configuration and you're good to go.

Recaptcha Integrations