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This is an advanced documentation composed to help site developer customize Komento system.

Due to the nature of Komento's multiple integration capability, triggers in Komento comes in two forms; Component Plugin and Joomla Plugin.

Trigger Settings

Developers may set this trigger by navigating to Components > Komento > Settings > System and locate Trigger Method option. They may choose either Component Plugin or Joomla Plugin.

Triggers Setting

Component Plugin

Developers can define the required methods in the component integration plugin file. For example, define the following functions in the component integration plugin file to listen and carryout any necessary actions or manipulate the parameters/contents in Komento.

Joomla Plugin

Developers may choose to write a Joomla plugin to listen to the triggered events. This will gives the benefit of packaging and distribution for each plugin individually.

This plugin have to be in the group of Komento by defining it in the plugin's manifest xml file.

The function's arguments must always start by Component followed by the Article Id parameters.

Komento's Triggers

Arguments listed below are defined for Component Plugin. To use it in Joomla Plugin, prepend 2 arguments to the original argument as shown in the following example of the same function in Component and Joomla plugin.

List of Komento's Triggers