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How Tos

Here are the collection of How-Tos for Komento; you can follow these tutorials to ensure that your Komento is setup optimumly.

How to Integrate Komento With Alpha User Point

Alpha User Point(AUP) is an interesting user reward and it is already be implemented in Komento. To start using AUP together with Komento, first thing you would need to do is making sure that AUP component was installed properly on your site.

Make sure that AUP component was installed properly on the site.

Download Komento AUP's Rules

You can locate and download AUP rules from our site. Visit http://stackideas.com/downloads/plugins and search for Komento AUP's Rules. To download this plugin, click on Download Plugin button beside the name.

Komento AUP Plugin

Rules Installation

Once you have downloaded this plugin, you will need to unzip it. There will be several rules available for the installation. Navigate to Components > AlphaUserPoints > Rules and click on New button.

Komento AUP Plugin

On the top toolbar, you will notice a button named Plugins. You will need to click on this button to continue installation process.

Komento AUP Plugin

Now it is time to upload XML file from extracted archive. Select the rule you want to install and click on Upload file and install button. After the installation, you will get a message about successful operation:

New rule has been installed successfully: [name of the rule]

If the rule is already existed, you wil get a notice:

This rule already exist

If you still need to re-install the rule - select the rule you want to re-install via checkbox and click on “Delete”. Now you can install the rule again.

EasyBlog Integration Settings

If you're integrating AUP with EasyBlog, you will need to turn on AUP integration setting. Navigate to Komento > Integrations > EasyBlog > Activities > AUP.

Komento AUP Plugin