How Tos

Here are the collection of How-Tos for Komento; you can follow these tutorials to ensure that your Komento is setup optimumly.

How to Sort Comments

Here, we'll briefly guide you to Sort Comments on Komento. There are a few steps to achieve this:

  1. Turn off threaded mode.
  2. Change the default sorting.

Turn off theaded mode

In order to be able to sort the comments on Komento, navigate to Komento's settings, Components > Komento > Integrations > EasyBlog. Then, go to Layout > General Layout. In this page, you'll find an option to set the Threaded View . To turn off this, change this option to No.

Sort Comments

Set Default Sorting

Next, you'll need to set the default sorting of the comment list when it is first displayed at Layout > General Layout.

Sort Comments

Sorting buttons in comment list

Under non-threaded view, the sorting buttons will appear above the comment listing.

Sort Comments