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Here, you will learn how to easily setup cronjobs for Komento.

Setting Up Cronjob For GoDaddy Hosting

Cronjob allows email processing to run at the back end while not interfering with the site operations. In Komento, cronjob are required to parse emails as well as sending out emails.

Step 1

Log into your GoDaddy account and launch the web hosting.


Step 2

Click the cron job manager button.


Step 3

Please follow the simple steps below:

  • Create new cronjob and click the Browse button.
  • Select the file cron.php at: /components/com_komento/cron.php
  • Configure the rest of the options based on your preference.


Step 4

After done, it will look something similar like this.


Step 5

Please follow the simple steps below:

  • Lastly, locate your cron.php file at: /components/com_komento/cron.php and open this file.
  • In this file, search and find:

    $host = 'yoursite.com';

    Rename the "yoursite.com" to your host name in order to work. Your host name should NOT contain any protocol such as http:// or https://.


  • Save this file and you're ready to go.