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Thank you for purchasing Metaman! In this section, we'll be learning on the pre-requisites that are required before you can install and configure Metaman on your site.


There are times where site administrators having a hard time to setting up the meta data for every pages on his site. The same difficulties are also felted by us at Stackideas. Hence, our developers came into a conclusion where we can ease this pain by developing a solution. This solution is called MetaMan.

~ So that the story of how MetaMan was borned ~

Start Using MetaMan

MetaMan is by default is not enabled. You'll need to enable it through Plugin Manager. Navigate to Extensions > Manage > Plugins. Search and locate System - MetaMan and enable it.

MetaMan is by default only allows Site Administrator to configure the settings. So, login to your site on the Frontend using site administrator access, you'll notice there are 3 button on the right bottom of your page just like below.

Start Using MetaMan

If you want to configure the site meta tags, you may click on the first button. It displays the available meta tags data which can be configured by the site administrator.

Start Using MetaMan

If you want to start configure Facebook Opengraph tags, click on the second button. Here is the screenshot fo the form.

Start Using MetaMan

The third button is the Twitter Card tags button.

Start Using MetaMan

Track Progress

Have you noticed that there are 4 different colors displayed on the button.

  1. Track none Nothing change.
  2. Track danger 20% changes has been made.
  3. Track warning 70% changes has been made.
  4. Track success More than 70% changes has been made.

Revert Changes

In a case where you want to revert the changes of MetaMan on your site, you can just simply click on Delete changes made on this page located at the very bottom of the page. By clicking this, it will revert the site meta tags to the original state.

Start Using MetaMan