Thank you for purchasing Metaman! In this section, we'll be learning on the pre-requisites that are required before you can install and configure Metaman on your site.

Updating MetaMan Via Extension Manager

It is always recommended to stay up to date with the latest version of any software to avoid running into unnecessary bugs by receiving the latest updates from us. Three things to remember each time you run updates are Backup, backup and backup.

Make it a habit of running a backup before uninstalling/upgrading ANY component; this includes MetaMan. There are many school of thoughts or ways to backup your site, but please stick with what you're comfortable with. We would like to recommend you to look at this tutorial Joomla backup - How to set up a reliable solution by JoomlaBlogger.

Updating MetaMan

Updating MetaMan is much more easier than installing Joomla on your site. Firstly, you'll need to download it from your Dashboard. Once you have downloaded it, you can directly update MetaMan by installing it over the existing MetaMan through Extension Manager. Navigate to Extensions > Manage > Install to upload and install the plugin.


In this page, you'll be able to upload the newly downloaded MetaMan plugin installer by clicking on Browse button. Locate the MetaMan installer. Once you have sure, click on Upload & Install button to start the updating proces. This process shouldn't take longer than 2 minutes. However, it is basically depends on your internet connectivity and the server traffics.