Thank you for purchasing Metaman! In this section, we'll be learning on the pre-requisites that are required before you can install and configure Metaman on your site.
  Mohd Yasser   18 October 2016   Beginner

Getting Started

MetaMan is a super cool tool created to assist administrator in moderating site's Meta data along with Facebook's OpenGraph and Twitter Card's tags on the site without hassle. Its also allows you to directly upload images directly to the site without having difficulties figuring out the absolute url to these images. It's like gives you a hawk eye view of the meta on the site while viewing the page directly.


Joomla! Versions

MetaMan is a standalone plugin which works out of box across Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. It's doesn't requires any framework to be installed together and it's lightweight.

PHP Requirements

Just like Joomla, MetaMan runs on PHP. So, it requires PHP to exists on the site.

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