All set? Lets learn how to configure your EasyArticles to suits your site.

Location Services

Currently, there is only Google Maps location service available for EasyArticles. You may find the settings at EasyArticles > Settings > Editor > Location Options.

Location Services Options

After you have configured the above options, a map will be appeared when composing your articles. It will be located at the bottom of your editor.

Location Services Map

Setting Up API for Google Maps

To get started you'll need a Google Account. If you currently do not have any, you can head over to Google and sign up for one.

For an automatic location detection, Google requires the website to support HTTPS.

So, lets start with the creation of Google Map API key. Navigate to the APIs Console located at Google Console. Login to your Google Account and once logged in, it'll bring you to the Console Dashboard. You'll need to create a new project if you haven't have any yet. Navigate to I AM ADMIN and start creating your new project.

Once you have created your new project, navigate to the APIS Library and focus at the Google Maps APIs section. There, you'll notice a list of the available API services. As for Google Map for EasyArticles, you'll need to enable these 5 APIs:

Now, lets navigate to the Credentials section. By default, the your credential will be created automatically. However, if there is none, you can always create a new credential for yourself. Copy the generated key and place it in EasyArticles's Location Options.