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All set? Lets learn how to configure your EasyArticles to suits your site.

Email Templates

EasyArticles has several default email templates for notification emails. For those that would like to customize their email template, you may find the general workflow to go about it in this documentation.

Changes to email templates will not affect emails that are generated prior to the change.

Overriding Email Templates (Backend)

There is an email template section in the backend of EasyArticles. This is where you will find all the available email templates for the extension. Navigate to Components > EasyArticles > E-mail > Templates to access this section.

Email template

The location of these files are stated in the location column if you want to find them. You may click on any of the email template to open the editor and start editing the files. When you are done editing them, simply click on the save button to save your changes.

Generally, once you save your changes, the override files will be stored in /templates/current_default_template/html/com_easyarticles/emails/

The Reset To Default button on the top left of the email templates page allows you to remove any overrides done on the selected template so that the system will fall back to use the default file.

Note that the Reset To Default action will remove the previously saved override file from your template.

Overriding Email Templates (Manual)

As an alternative to the method above, you may also perform email template overrides manually into your template folder without using the backend.
To do that, assuming that you are using the Protostar template:

  1. Create the directory /templates/protostar/html/com_easyarticles/emails/ if it does not currently exist.
  2. Copy the email template that you want to override from the folder /components/com_easyarticles/themes/wireframe/emails/ and place them in the newly created folder in step #1.
  3. Add your customization in the copied file and once that is done, save your changes and you are good to go!
For those that are looking to override the email logo, please refer to the notification configuration documentation.