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Installing Rest Api Plugin

Before your app can work, you need to first install the Rest API Plugin which can be found under the downloads section in Saturn. This plugin is a System plugin that needs to be installed via Joomla's Installer.

Downloading Plugin

  1. Head over to Saturn by clicking on the Manage App button on your StackIdeas dashboard as shown below:

    Manage App

  2. Click on the Downloads link on the Sidebar.


  3. Download the Joomla System Plugin (REST API) by clicking on the Download button. You'll be downloading this easysocialrest_x.x.xx.zip file.


Conversations Native App is using the same Rest plugin as EasySocial Native.

Installing Plugin

  1. Once you've downloaded the plugin package, head over to your Joomla administration area. Access Extensions > Manage > Install to install this plugin.

  2. Click on the Browse button and select the plugin package that you've downloaded.

  3. After the plugin has been installed, please make sure the plugin is published.

Watch video guide on installing plugin on Joomla.

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