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Minimum Requirements

Ensure that you have met the Minimum Requirements in order for the ConverseKit Desktop to operate smoothly:


As ConverseKit Desktop is dependent on some of the REST api provided from EasySocial, please ensure that:

  • EasySocial is installed.

  • EasySocial version must >= 3.2.11


As the desktop app is dependent on ConverseKit, please ensure that:

  • ConverseKit is installed.

  • ConverseKit version must be >= 2.0.2

Building macOS Desktop App

In order to build macOS apps, you must have valid certificates to sign & notarize the app. This is a requirement set by Apple.

  • A running macOS device with latest macOS version.

  • Xcode must be installed on your macOS device.

  • Xcode version must be >= version 10 (It is highly recommended to always have the latest version whenever possible)

  • Your Apple account must be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program

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