1. Building
  2. Building The App

Building The App

Building ConverseKit Desktop app has been easier with Odin. Odin is a build manager on the web that helps facilitate creating builds for macOS and Microsoft Windows.

  1. Click on the Builds section in Odin.

  2. Click on New Build, and then pick the operating system that you would like to build for.

    Odin New Build

  3. On the new build screen, you will be able to see the version that you are building on.

    Odin Build Version

  4. Click on the Create New Build button to proceed to create the build.

  5. Wait for the confirmation that the build was successful. Odin will send an e-mail to notify you if the build was successful or if it failed.

  6. Once the status shown Success, you may click on the Download button to download the archive containing the file.

    Odin Build Download

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