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EasyDiscuss (v1.3.4)


EasyDiscuss application extends integrations between EasyDiscuss and EasySocial.

1.3.4 release comes with Easydiscuss 4 compatibility!

New features:
* Post a discussion through Easysocial story panel
* Manage Easydiscuss subscription list via Easysocial Dashboard

Some of the feature includes:
* Ability to process stream items in EasySocial.
* Badge integrations
* Points integrations
* Displays discussions created by user on a user's profile


Support will be provided by the application or plugin developer.

Version 1.3.4
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Compatible With 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x 1.3.x 1.4.x
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REVIEWS   (13 reviews)

Work very fine !
Yann Anderson, on 23rd Nov, 2015
This app is exactly like the others: powered by Stackideas, the installation is fast, simple, you have all the needed options in backend, and there is ANY bugs ! Happy to use it, thank you Stackideas to work so hard for give us the best products on t...
Finally it is working as it should
Sabih, on 3rd Oct, 2015
The problems, that you can not choose sub-categories and comments are not made to posts are solved meanwhile. Due to the support I got a working app now. Starting new threads out of the stream works fine and when users are commenting the stream post ...
Good but not Great!
James, on 16th Aug, 2015
New additions have bridged some of the gap between EasyBlog and EasySocial but not completely. Some lacking elements are comment integration which seems as though it would be there out of the box as well as use of the composer and image addition whi...
Joomla 3.xx Easysocial 1.3.x
Fidel Carrera, on 9th Aug, 2015
Hi, does this app work for Joomla 3.xx and Easysocial 1.3.x?...
Weired pricing
Julian, on 8th Jun, 2015
Hi everybody, If you ask me, if you should raise the price of EasySocial, I definitely vote for YES. Easysocial is a complex and great extension with a phantastic support. But transforming little extensions to Easysocial as paid apps is not the fair...
There is a bug in this new app.
Seth Mak, on 8th Jun, 2015
When start a new discussion, It cannot choose a sub-category of discussions. Only the top level Category can be chosen. Also, if the chosen category of discussion is a container (supposed not allowed to post discussions on this category), NOT error m...
Great but expensive
jan!, on 2nd Jun, 2015
Must be free with a ED subscription. Its not a real extension as ES....
Why isn't this working? I thought this would be a basic given that both apps come from the same "house"
Jakob, on 15th Apr, 2015
Install ist not possible. Joomla 3.x Is there any timeline on when this will work? ...
Joomla 3
Wayne Booth, on 13th Apr, 2015
Is this going to be updated so it will work with Joomla 3+...
App is good but Language file is missing
Govind Prajapati, on 8th Feb, 2015
Gökhan, on 24th Jan, 2014
incorrect application. stream url error. easydiscuss comment add bug #reply- should be > #reply-2523...
Adelene, on 11th Dec, 2013
This is a great app!...
Awesomely beautiful
Mark, on 11th Dec, 2013
Just testing the review system...... Don't panic!...


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