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On my site, I have the visibility of the ED5 set to Public in the Joomla menus and manage the access functionality with the ED5 options.

In my user groups, I have two groups below Registered for Members (users who have registered but with an expired subscription) and Subscribers who do have an active subscription. The parent for BOTH groups is the standard Registered Joomla user group.

When I login as either a Member or Subscriber, the Tag post count simply shows 0 for every Tag.

When I click on a Tag name, I do get to see the actual associated posts for that Tag.

When I am logged in as a "Registered" user, the counts work correctly.

It appears that ED5 is not considering that sub groups of the Registered group should also inherit the same visibility for the Tag counts.

Can you please check, or let me know if there is a setting that I can modify in ED5 so it does work?

I need to have the two user groups of Members and Subscribers as subgroups of Registered, so I can specifically show or not show certain modules, WITHOUT these users also still being in the Registered group as a second group.

So it appears to me that the Tag count function is only checking for Registered users but not subgroups of this group.

I think you can try this very easily on your demo site by making a subgroup of Registered and putting one user in there, taken them out of Registered and then see what happens.

Hope that makes sense and thanks for the help.

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