Superuser To Receive Emails For Moderation

Hi there,

I've finally got Komento installed and working with ZOO ..... but no matter what I do I cannot get the group 'Superusers' only to receive notification of a comment been posted !

I have included Guest, Registered, Author and Superusers under the Workflow/Moderation/Requires Modification menu and yes I have turned on 'Enable Moderation'!

Under 'Notifications/Mail Notifications/Recipients I have said YES to 'Notify Content Author' and in New Comments, New Reply, New Pending and New Reported I have selected - Super Users

But the only people who get an email are Registered Users!

Any ideas ....

As a suggestion for future releases I think it would be a good idea if we could select 'specific' users rather than Groups as we don't necessarily always want every person who belongs to a certain group to receive 'Moderation' emails!
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